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Smartphones put “Smart” back into marketing

Smartphones truly revolutionize the way people communicate and Apple’s iPhone is now one of the hottest gadgets on the planet. With Verizon Wireless’ plan to bring the iPhone to its ~100 million subscribers in the Spring of 2011, the air is ripe with opportunity for savvy marketing to literally reach into the pockets of their market.

Web-Video to Smartphones is the new frontier

While Apple’s iPhone is receiving the majority of the buzz, it’s not alone on the frontier of a major advertising revolution. Consumers are wooed by the aspect of watching video on their iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, or Samsung phone. But what does that mean for the small business owner?

Imagine YOUR video advertisement playing on thousands of phones across your local market — at the very moment people are looking for your product or service. You’re literally reaching into the pockets of your consumer. Marketing doesn’t get more direct than that!

The Web Video Highway to Hand Held Sales

First adopters will capture their market and reap increased sales. It’s imperative to act quickly and take advantage of this opportunity, before your competition.

The first step is establishing a web-video advertising campaign. Then there’s the ‘techy’ issue of making everything available in HTML5 format (a necessary step to play on smartphones). Fortunately, there are some wonderfully affordable, web-video training programs currently available.

The tide is turning, to your advantage. Take action and reap the benefits of being first to market with web video advertising direct to smartphones, so that you’re ready before Verizon gets the iPhone.

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Inspiration On A Monday Morning

Even though entrepreneurs set their own schedule and Monday’s can be something to look forward to, we all need a kick in the pants some days. In reality, Monday seems to be that kind of day more times than not.

Just to keep your creative juices flowing, I am passing along this incredible, awesome, and inspiring video which I feel so blessed to have uncovered. Finding this video felt like I’d discovered a Rembrandt behind a garage sale painting.

I believe that it will become one of your all-time-favs and a significant part of your affirmation routine.


The Anthem For Freedom

(I Am FREE!)

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Getting to the ‘Heart’ of Business Success

During a recent coaching session I was surprised when an Indian proverb came to mind, and equally pleased by how well it illustrated a solution to the caller’s problem. So many new entrepreneurs struggle with the same hurdle that I decided to share the response in hopes that more will benefit from the fable of this poor mouse.

You’ve heard the adage, “Learn from the mistakes of others.” Well, now you can learn from the mistake of a mouse. Read more

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Are Your Visitors ‘Using’ You?

Getting ‘used’ can be a good thing, when we are talking about website usability.

Usability is probably the most under-recognized, yet, most important feature of any website.  Many visitors do not make conscious notice of a user-friendly site, however, they are quick to abandon a site when they can’t find what they are looking for.  These Top 10 Usability Principles apply to site owners and bloggers, alike. Read more

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The Benefits of Overestimating Your Potential

Idealism holds real value. Not just because of the vision of some idealists, but for the optimism which all idealists possess.

By their very definition, idealists romanticize what is possible. Realists, in contrast, cleave to what is possible and maybe a little less, to be on the safe side.

In the end, reality has its way and what will be, will be. Yet, history proves time and again that great works occur when we ‘give reality a hand’? The real power is in asking “What if?” Read more

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