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I am often asked what it takes to be a successful business owner.  My first response is always, “What do you mean by ‘success’?”  The definition of success is a personal one.  For me, it’s spelled with four letters:  T-I-M-E.  (Have you asked yourself that question?) For the purposes of this post, let’s assume that we’re talking about getting your business to run virtually on auto-pilot, with stable residual income. Fair enough?

(As a teaser, you’ll want to read through this post to discover how to increase your reading speed up to 300%.)

Janitor 1Based upon my own successes and failures I certainly have plenty of fodder to dredge through and waffle up a response about the secret to success.  However, my favorite answer is forever associated with one of my favorite Motivation and Success authors, Zig Ziglar.  He writes, “Success is dependent upon the glands — sweat glands.”

Zig’s declaration is far from original. (I just appreciate his ‘eloquence’.)  After all, Thomas Edison — you know, the guy who invented the light bulb — is quoted as saying, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”  Isn’t that a kick in the butt of all the MLM, over-night-success claims?  The big shocker is in how applicable these statements are to all aspects of our personal and professional lives.  Stay with me…all is not lost.

I have to work for it?

Think about it.  EVERY successful business owner, CEO, and network marketer will tell you that HARD WORK is at the core to their success.  Marriage counselors will tell you that a successful marriage takes work.  If you ask your favorite professional athlete the secret to their success, they’ll tell you it’s a great coach and A LOT of hard work.  You’ll also learn that success does not come overnight.  This is a universal truth!  Through brief gaps in the fog of my college days I remember that ‘Work’ is always associated with Effort and Duration.  (OK, before you Physics buffs jump on me…Force x Time.  Give me some literary license, here.)

So, how can I accelerate success?

When it comes to business, most successful folks are extremely talented at leveraging the efforts of others.  They distribute the work load and multiply the benefits in a very short time.  As you begin to leverage more and more resources (people, tools, technology) you’ll see your personal time increase.  Once you’re up and running, only then can you begin to approach the idyllic success of my friend, Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week. (Truth be known, he ‘works’ more than four hours, but that’s because he’s constantly looking for new solutions.)

Great, I have good income. How do I take it to the next level?

Let’s say that you’ve achieved some level of success.  What then?  How do you take it to the next level?  “More work,” you say?   Well, yes and no.  Work alone will get you only so far.  You can spend day after day raking horse hair across cat gut and never get your violin to sing at Carnegie Hall.  At some point you have to take lessons and apply yourself. Invest in YOU, and by doing so, improve your business.  You need to LEARN and increase your personal value to your market!  Fortunately, unlike Thomas Edison, much of what you’re trying to achieve has already been conquered by others.  This is the Internet age…Google it!  What I’m trying to say is, READ!!!

Now that we’ve warmed up and whet your ‘glands,’ let’s recap.

  1. Success begins with hard work.
  2. Growth is accelerated by leveraging the effort and talents of others.
  3. Continued achievement occurs with continuous learning.

Remember, success, while it can come fast, does require effort and time.  If someone (or some company) tells you, “Just do what I do and you’ll be an overnight success,” get a tight hold on your wallet and run away, fast!

In a subsequent post I’ll disclose the #1 PROVEN strategy for personal and/or business growth.  In the mean time (I’m sure there’s some reading that you need to catch up on), check out Tim Ferriss’ article on increasing your reading speed by as much as 300%.

Here’s a preview of my follow up post in this series:

“Sure, there are probably thousands of books and gurus claiming to hold the secrets.  How do you know which oyster holds the pearl that will catapult you on the next phase in your growth?  If you don’t know where to start, here’s the #1 proven method to…”

(link to 2nd segment: Exercising your Glands (redux) )

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2 Responses to “Do You Have the ‘Glands’ to Succeed?”

  1. Craig says:

    Well said, Robert. I think you've got it nailed on all accounts. And, in particular, I'm personally a fan of leverage…time, people, and money.

  2. Great article, Robert. You obviously put some sweat equity into it. Thanks!

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