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Happy Thanksgiving (SEO How-To Style)

(Update: These SEO tips put this post on Google’s first page in less than 24 hours!! — see proof below)

In the spirit of the approaching Thanksgiving holiday I’m thankful for my loyal readers, as well as the SEO lessons which I’ve learned from my friends Ray and Ferny at   Through this Happy Thanksgiving post, I’m creating an opportunity to pass along some of their key SEO teachings to my Network Marketing and Blog families.

Below this fun Happy Thanksgiving video you’ll discover simple explanations of the few, powerful SEO strategies built into this post.  By applying these same techniques throughout your blogs and webpages, you will raise your ‘organic’ search engine placement, reduce your pay-per-click (PPC) and Adwords costs, and improve lead generation.

SEO strategies used in this post…

For some of you, these key search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will be old news.  To demonstrate the effectiveness of these SEO techniques and as an educational experiment, I’ll update this post following the Thanksgiving holiday with before and after traffic metrics.

  • SEO Tip 1:  Select one or two keywords to optimize within the page/post. These can be single words (as in this example), or more descriptive, ‘long tail’ phrases.
    • “Thanksgiving”
    • “SEO”
  • SEO Tip 2:  Include your keywords in specific elements of your page/post
    • Page/Post Title
    • Section headers — use “H1″ and “H2″ tags
    • Meta data — Post Tags, Categories, Description, Excerpt
    • Within the body
  • SEO Tip 3:  Keywords should naturally occur within your content
    • Include keyword(s) at least once in each paragraph.
    • Ensure that they occur ‘in natural speech’. Use word variations of your keywords to keep the content stimulating. (something Google interprets as higher quality content)
    • Don’t over do it — Google will knock down your ranking if it appears that you’ve ‘stuffed’ the keywords into the page.
  • SEO Tip 4:  Optimize site/page for load speed (non-geek version)
    • (non-geek stuff) Minimize the file size of all attachments, pictures, and videos.
    • (geek stuff) Make sure that your tracking and SEO plugins are loaded into the page footer and not the header.
    • (more geek stuff) Manage cache expiration dates on graphics and other, non-text content.

Now, with these four SEO tips in mind, go back and re-read this post.  Pay particular attention to where you see my two, chosen keywords appear.  By applying these same SEO techniques to your website or blog you can create  a tremendous improvement in your placement within organic search engine results.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed the video and learned a new SEO tip, or two.  Please submit your comments or SEO tips below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

I sincerely wish you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

UPDATE (Oct 29): The proof is in the (plum) pudding:

These 4 simple SEO tricks produced 1st page Google ranking in less than 24 hours!

The two pics below show the page rank of this post shortly after publishing (Oct 28, 2009), then 24 hours later.  Notice that on day one I had to apply several filters to the Google search result in order to eliminate 99% of other pages matching my search,  just to find my page. Yet, merely one day later, the same search terms shows this post as #4 on Google’s FIRST page.  SEO works!!!

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Thanksgiving post, day one:

Ranked #3 out of 4,490 ‘highly filtered’ search results — Search filters applied: English Language, from a Blog, and Less than 1 month old

Page buried in Google search on Oct 28, 2009

Page buried in Google search on Oct 28, 2009


What a difference a day makes (with SEO)

Thanksgiving post ranks #4 out of ~800,000 matching items

==> Google’s 1st page GLOBALLY! (no filtering required)

#4 on Google's 1st page GLOBALLY in only 24 hours!!

#4 on Google's 1st page GLOBALLY in only 24 hours!!

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8 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving with an SEO Twist”

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lynn Harrisberger. Lynn Harrisberger said: Have a hankerin' for Thanksgivin' for a non-fattening appetizer with an SEO twist, and chuckle from friend @RobertBucci [...]

  2. Allen says:

    Many, many potential clients or customers are sure to search for that fraze. It is a monster money fraze, not to mention both subject (Seo and Thanksgiving) go naturally together and everyone and their dog searches for them on an hourly basis every day :)

    • boochnj says:

      Allen, your sarcasm is valid, but you may be over analyzing just a bit. The purpose of the post is to demonstrate effective SEO techniques, and it proved to accomplish just that.

      Even if the keyword pairing is less than main stream, in less than 24 hours these simple SEO techniques pushed this silly blog post to out rank 797,000 other sites, all of which matched the 'SEO Thanksgiving' search.

  3. [...] Recipe": A Thanksgiving inspired SEO recipe sure to help you out anytime of the year!   "Happy Thanksgiving (SEO How-to Style)": This how-to post details Robert Bucci’s success in ranking on the first page of Google for [...]

  4. I love reading sites about affiliate marketing. I have been learning about Google Adsense lately. Seems like there is something new to learn all the time. Thanks again for a very informative site!

  5. Buy Articles says:

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  6. Rick Tober says:

    Robert, these are great SEO tips and a clear illustration of your method. I think it's awesome that you followed up with actual screenshots of the Google search ranking as proof of your SEO effectiveness.

    I found your original video on YouTube through Google search, then followed it this blog.

    I'll be reading your future posts!!

  7. Tamer Hosni says:

    Thanks robert :) Really great tips

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